Lemonia Silk Scarf
Lemonia Silk Scarf
Lemonia Silk Scarf
Lemonia Silk Scarf
Lemonia Silk Scarf
Lemonia Silk Scarf

Lemonia Silk Scarf

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A travel scarf series from artworks by Adrianne Dimitrakakis. Inspired by life on the road and the great craftsmanship of the that classic vintage scarf. It’s the old holiday scarf that’s been around the world with you, for those who follow the sun and seek the sea wherever they go.

It’s wearable art for the inspired traveller as a head scarf, a top, summer sarong or can be framed for your wall as a keepsake of your travels. 

Dimensions: 31.5 in x 31.5 in (80cm x 80cm) 
Lightweight construction
Made in Italy
100% Silk
Silk twill finish
Hand rolled hem
Designed to soften with wear
Comes with branded box and postcard of location, Crete in Greece.
Dry Clean Only


Adrianne Dimitrakakis is the artist behind Atlas.  Based in Byron Bay, Australia,  her artwork has progressed from minimal vintage style maps into colour and texture-filled large pieces. Inspired from living in a sub tropical location and alluring places around the world. Especially all the little things discovered while on her travels; textured walls, fruit stands, old signage and many collected coasters and vintage matchbooks.

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