Karyes T-Shirt
Karyes T-Shirt
Karyes T-Shirt
Karyes T-Shirt

Karyes T-Shirt

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You’ve seen these beauties in Athens, and you can find a replica of them in their birthplace, Karyes, which is one of the villages the #SeliniSisters are from. 

The word Karyatides translates to “maidens of Karyai”.  These young virgin priestesses watched over and cared for the sanctuary of Artemis Karyatis (Artemis of the walnut tree).  They were famous for their beauty and would dance each year on the celebration of Artemis Karyatis by balancing a basket on their head full of fruits and walnuts - which is how the name Karyatid, came about. 

100% Cotton
Comfort Colors Tee
Unisex + Relaxed Fit

Small:  Chest 18.5" Length 27"
Medium: Chest 20.5" Length 28.5"
Large: Chest 22.5" Length 30"
X-Large: Chest 24.5" Length 31.5"
XX-Large: Chest 26.5" Length 32.75"

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